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about BioHive

BioHive provides insights and critical analysis on novel technologies and concepts as well as equity research and venture capital developments in the Biotech and Pharma fields. 

A particular focus is placed on vaccines and gene therapy but noteworthy pharma- and biotech-related developments are also identified and analyzed.

Industry and company analyses are periodically being performed with a view of identifying emerging trends and potential investment opportunities in the field. Both qualitative and quantitative approaches are employed in all analyses, aiming to identify both short- and long-term growth opportunities. For further information please contact BioHive at info@biohive.net.

Individuals interested in becoming contributors to this project may contact me at info@biohive.net.


I currently work at a Strategy Consulting firm supplying services to various pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. The views expressed in this website are my own. I am not speaking officially for, or representing in any way, any company or corporation. 

Timos Papagatsias, Ph.D. 
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