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Wednesday 26 September 2012

Template: Pipeline analysis (up to seven competitors)

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I have been extremely busy the past few months but eventually managed to find some time to finalize this Excel model, which allows you to analyze and compare pipelines of up to seven competitors. 

The model also goes one step further and gives an initial estimate of "attractiveness for investment" for these companies, based solely on number of assets in the different development stages (i.e. a company with 10 assets in Phase III has more chances of returning an investment versus a company with only 3 assets in Phase II etc.). The next step in the development of this template will be an add-on to this model which will calculate potential profits per product in a given time horizon (to be released in a future post). 

The model requires minimal input from the user: only the number of pipeline products per development stage for each company and an estimation of the likelihood of success for a product at each stage are required.

The output is a single A4 sheet (please check with "Printing Area" settings on your machine) which contains an overview of the analysis and a few graphs which can be fully modified to focus on particular competitor or pipeline strength etc.

The Excel file containing the model is not password-protected and no cells have been locked; it can be fully modified and used for other applications/comparisons apart from company pipelines. 

You can download the model here (follow the link and then go to "File --> Download"; it is an .xslx file).

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